The origins of a GAY Superhero

This next writing, yes the one you are currently reading is brought to you by drumroll please…… just kidding; although the inspiration does come from my friends who I asked a bunch of questions, and Dave Chappelle. Yes, Mr. Chappelle had influence in this writing. If you don’t know who Dave Chappelle is, shame on you, but he is a comedian, famous for stand up. The man has achieved a lot and besides being funny in his stand ups, he provides a lot of intellect and insight hence why he is here, well his words.

I had difficulty coming up with the title for this writing, ultimately I ended with the current one. So, as I would do in an essay let me break this title do…’The origins of a GAY Superhero’
In his Netflix special Equanimity, Dave Chappelle talks about a film idea about a GAY Superhero.

“…the problem is, nobody can remember him, the motherfucker changes costumes every time. So he dubs himself “same hero, different costume”’

I am one of the lucky few straight men who has a lot of GAY friends, hopefully that’s not misinterpreted; but yes, and I love them all. For the writing my friends were of great help, as you probably can note, I did say GAY rather than homosexuals…as in guys.

When I began questioning my friends it was about popularity, can one maintain popularity from high school to higher education/further in life. I soon saw a pattern were it was mostly my GAY friends who were able to maintain their “popularity status” even after high school, a status which was not an easy thing to have because of course we all know the youthful/social stigma around homosexuals, geez, especially in high school at that age!!! Yikes

And so my interest slightly changed to inquire more about my friend’s past life’s.
We all suffer differently, I mean we do. In high school I was bullied for… I have no idea. I think I was being bullied for being happy and carefree!
My gay friends though faced a different kind of bullying, perhaps one of the worse, stigma, stereotype! Honestly there are some terrible stories from these guys. Now lets be clear, I am taking about those who knew they were gay and accepted it. Those who didn’t accept themselves lived in a more problematic world.
What you have to understand as Chappelle clearly puts it in The Bird Revelation (2017)
“From early on these guys know who they are! While we are trying to figure out who we are, these motherfuckers (gay dudes) are fighting for who they already know they are”
That’s heavy right, let it sink in. If you get a chance watch that bit he goes on to explain further. My point is this… gays mostly have to work harder to prove themselves even though they already know were they fit. So instead of working on themselves most time is spend trying to convince society to accept them.
And there is that superhero traits, trying to convince the people that you are a worthy of being you. That you will stand for what is right. Hear me well, I am not saying all gays are this way, some are quite baaaaad! As in they tease and mock!
You might even say some gays are the villains; secretly plotting bad deeds behind the scenes, not bad deeds per se, but wanting things their way. “The alphabet people” as Chappelle tittles it in Sticks and Stones (2019)
Lot of energy! And positive attitude.
Sometimes unnecessarily my gay friends seem to possess a lot of energy, this energy I have realised, it not only makes them stand out but it draws people to them. Centre of attention is focused towards them and no matter how your mood might be, you end up having a sense of elevation around them.

Clean and colourful! I get jealous of this one.
What hero doesn’t have a’ sharp clean looking costume. Clothes that say HEY!!! LOOK AT ME!! I am gorgeous!
I get why most fashion designers are homosexuals, I do. These guys have natural flair when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it and most importantly how to catch the eyes of those passing. There are days though were there’s too much bright colour, but that’s the point isn’t it!! The look at me, I am here attitude; this is what Neil Strauss calls Peacocking!! Gays are naturals. Its no wonder if you’re a guy who dresses good all the time, I don’t mean just good but Gooood!!! People assume Same hero, different costume!

Forgive me if I seem to stereotype some things, but as I said, it’s not everyone whose gay that shows these traits, but most of I know do.
I asked them what they were like in high school and most said they were very good in arts!!! Sports, Singing, Dancing basically the things that required creativity!

One of my friends, Sabelo even went on the lengths to say “I played football and I was great at it too, kicking ass! I was showing those “straight” men that I can do what they do”. Sabelo likes to believe we are gay until proven straight! Which he has proven a number of times with the stories he shares.

Guys, it’s a fucking new era, if you’re gay/lesbian come out I don’t think anyone has the time to judge anymore, okay I don’t know, At least I won’t.
My other gay acquaintance Snakho said his principal once called him and told him that he must fix himself so the other boys won’t tease him. I am not sure if he was helping him or let’s leave it up to your own thought.

Would I also be wrong to state, referencing a famous Ndumiso Ngcobo book titled “Some of my gay friends are smart”

I have in the past stated that the word smart is ambiguous, it’ has a lot of interpretation. However for this writing some of my gays friends were quite intellects in high school. Perhaps it’s the work hard to prove them wrong ethic but yeap! Suddenly being gay isn’t that bad right? Right! 😂

I am a choreographer, and with some of my straight friends, we’d joke about how this dance world is dominated by homosexuals, that if we want to succeed we need to be gay as well. It’s a stereotype, that resonates close to the truth. Somehow gays have found a way to accelerate in the dance/creative world. We are busy judging who they are and we are getting left behind.

And while I am still there, how is it that gay people have so much money??? Well my friends said laughing

“ we don’t got bitches to feed constantly and buy them all the shit they need, it’s my money hoe
But, honestly as much as we love money, we don’t only know how to find means to make it, but work to save it”

You see what I mean? The ability to think ahead, the ability to constantly affirm that you know who you are!

I am not saying you need to be gay or a homosexual to exuberate all these traits, but let’s feed off this positive attitude that the gays bring, channel it and make the most of it.
Now I missed a lot of things I could have added, perhaps lack of being in the homosexual world more. What have you notice that counts as being supernatural from your gay friends or just natural homosexual individuals??
Let me know…write, write…same hero, just different costume!

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