I don’t know how many times I have watched this movie, but it’s been a couple of times in my life and each time I watch it I can’t help but feel something inside, a reaction of pure love for the idea of fate. I want to consider myself a hopeless romantic, but I have my fuck that shit days, I really do.
I am not necessarily a believer in the idea of soulmates, I am however a believer in the idea of fate, but before we go down that road let me explain serendipity in accordance to the movie. The movie explains serendipity as fortunate accident; that there are accidents that can lead to something beautiful, and boy, oh, boy does the film lead us on a journey to believing that; Sarah and John meet for one time and several years later even in what seems like a happy relationships have this knack at the back of their minds that meeting each other was but an accident that needed to be explored. I do not want to ruin the movie but if you get a chance please watch it.
Now back to reality, I don’t necessarily want to say we are destined to be with a particular person, that’s frankly unfair, what if that particular person is all the way in England? Or Norway? Yeah sure fate will find a way but you can’t really be saying such a thing if I live somewhere in a remote village. The next statement is not conclusive but 50% of the time our true soulmate is ourselves and our journey is basically to find the other 50% that makes it whole. I don’t really know, I am just saying, I don’t think what I am saying even makes sense, it’s complicated.
I think there are situations were fortunate accidents happen, that you can get fired from a job you liked and were good at, and find a job that you love and are great at. It’s possible you can break up with someone you utterly loved and felt they loved you too, and find someone who you can’t imagine not being without. There are certain accidents in our life’s that can put us on a path we never knew we wanted to take. At the moment of tragedy, it all seems dire, like OMW! Why is this happening to me dire?? But after all the chaos you find yourself having learnt something new about yourself, perhaps discovered that you are worth more to yourself than you gave credit for.
I think as horrible as it is in the moment, we need to appreciate some of the serendipitous moments that occur in our lives, I don’t even know if that is a word. It was a fortunate accident that I enrolled in drama and performance studies at university when my aim was to do Mathematic and Psychology; I certainly can’t imagine how different my life would be right now if I never did arts. It was a fortunate accident that an original idea I had for my dance work ‘Intimate’ did not work at the moment it was supposed to, so we improvised a new plan hours before performance, after that the work won an award.
There are quite a lot of things that we go through in life that can count as fortunate accident, some of course the results are not instant but transcend through time; it is only later in life you go, oh shit! If that never happened, I would never have been here, now ain’t that a bitch.
I don’t want to believe that my life is already planned out, that the decisions that I am making were decisions I was suppose to make. I want to live on the idea of choice, and fate is just a guide, that like The Winchesters (Sam and Dean from Supernatural) there exist so many variations of my final death that even death herself doesn’t know which one is the correct one. I like that, the idea that in every situation of my life I kinda have two choices and each choice leads me to a certain challenge; yeah sure at the back of my mind I will have this nagging thing that say
“You should’ve picked the other thing”
So as people I think we should find a balance between choices and fate, that getting lost isn’t necessarily getting lost, it’s an opportunity to find something or a situation you were not looking for, it’s fucked up I know but it’s intriguing.
So, what is your take? Do you believe in the idea of SERENDIPITY

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