Lost in Translation





  1. Unable to find one’s way; not knowing one’s direction





  1. The process of translating words or text from one language into another.


When words are constructed together there are supposed to form a sensible sentence, provide meaning were none existed. I have been in China for a couple of months in 2020 and it seems this fact frankly has been a lie. Communication has been lost through translation; what I say comes out different to what is heard, the reply does not correlate to what the conversation is about; It surely can make one pretty, pretty, pretty frustrated. Look at me quoting Mr. Larry David indirectly. In essence our conversation is lost in translation. As a fan of foreign films/anime I have seen this multiple times as well, were the subtitles (mostly Dubs) are saying something very different to what the character is truly saying. We might end up having a fight over which one is better to watch Dub anime or Sub anime; we all know that Vegeta might not have said ‘he’s over 3000’ but it became legendary, so I can’t complain really.

To be honest however we have trouble deciphering the true meanings behind each other’s true meaning of words. Is it culture? Perhaps, English certainly might be the universal language but there are essences in languages it is not able to comprehend.

You know there are certain words in your own language that are more impactful when not diluted with translation.

Our words become misinterpreted thus wrong information is spread. This has been occurring throughout our histories, and no more has it been happening in our current time in the world. Information circulates, but just like a broken telephone when it gets to the other side, it is missing crucial pieces/words that it doesn’t make sense anymore.  It is messed up ya’ll (Jessie Pinkman).

Being lost in translation in this content however does not refer to the occurrence of negative actions and events only, but I hope to highlight the glimmer of light that lies up ahead. As in the film with the same name, Lost in translation for me has also been about finding beautiful moments in unexpected circumstances (situation); finding something/someone that makes everything feels okay (worthwhile), in the chaos.  In the 2003 film Lost in translation Bill Murray’s character (Bob Harris) and Scarlett Johnson’s character (Charlotte) are able to find the lost translations within each; what I mean basically is together these characters find joy and they are able to navigate this foreign world they are in; it is truly beautiful to find someone to get lost with and laugh about it later.



NB: If you get a chance do watch the film.

There is rather a special moment in the movie as well at the end where Bill whispers into Scarlett’s ear. The viewer cannot tell or hear what is being whispers and til this day internet has different views to what Bill said. This almost encompasses what I am trying to say doesn’t it. Because here is information secretly whispered between two people, but here we are as people making up our own truths of what was said without truly knowing what is the fact. It’s kind of a deep moment, right? If you spend time thinking about it all.

When you get lost in translation you get close to the edge of insanity/anger/or learning more about being patient. Side note I tell you my phone is teaching me a lot about being patient. It is so freaking slow.

Anyhow there is always that sarcastic laugh that people get into when they are lost in translation. I have had a few of those; the quick, no. no. no, that’s not what I said!! Or even the laugh of utter of confusion “Is this what you said?” or the angrily short walking away and coming back or finally the hands on your face frustration, but you can’t touch your face at the moment, so pretend.

These moments of being lost really teach you the value of human communication, how important it is that we try and learn, and understand each other. People watch movies, view magazines and are quick to state I want to go there; in between that statement I think one should put time to learn how they will communicate with people in that destination. It’s truly not all sunshine and rainbows in a foreign country, but somewhere, somehow, there are those golden moments at the end of each rainbow, if you care to notice.




I am swimming on an idea of creating a short choreographic work about being lost in translation, titled under the same name. I hope I will be able to share it here when it is completed, well that all depends if I can find the space to create the work; I am not as free as I use to be in terms of space to create work.

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