A short letter to my lover

In case our love doesn’t transcend time

I know I’ll no longer be in love with you, if I don’t spend hours/days typing a message that I’ll probably never send you. If I stop making great food just so I watch you enjoy it.

If I stop asking you out on dates I know we can’t go too, because you always have excuses.

For you, there is a list of things that you will see, that will tell you the truth.

If I no longer make you laugh when you’re really sad, I mean really sad; It will be over.

Leave me, if I no longer try to inspire you to be better than what you were yesterday; when I stop annoying you about being the best version of yourself.

Know that I no longer love you if I stop looking at you and just smile for no reason, and when you ask me ‘what?’ I just reply with “nothing, lutho”

If I no longer leave hints of you in my writing. If I no longer send you messages on your birthday or random texts.

If I no longer attempt to kiss you on the forehead when we waltz or bite you after when we fuck.

If I stop listening to old love songs that remind me of you.

These are the signs that will tell you. Know that I will know the signs of you not loving me anymore too.

I’ll know when you no longer call me to be the shoulder you cry on. When you no longer ask me can I come over to your place?

I’ll know it’s over between us when you no longer sing and send me random love songs/long voice notes. When you no longer show how angry/sad/happy they make you feel at home…mostly sad.

I’ll know you no longer feel the same way when I kiss you. Ahh when I kiss, I’ve always felt something beyond your lips. I’ll know if that taste is no longer there.

When you no longer tell me that you love me and when my stupid jokes are no longer funny

I’ll know it’s different between us when our sex no longer excites you. When the sound you make is no longer real; I’ll definitely know when you no longer give it to me like its the last meal we’ll both ever have…

Finally I’ll know when I hold your hand or when I desire not too

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