A girl

I met a girl.

I think she put a spell on me. It wasn’t through any food or sex, we haven’t even had each other like that yet.

I am though hypnotised.

The words she speaks to me are abracadabra. Then everything tends to rise, if you know what I mean

I met a girl.

She’s charming; I’ve copied musicians and wrote a song for her. It’s not really good but it’s enough to make her laugh.

Mommy, mommy, I met a girl.

Yeah, so you don’t have to worry about me anymore. I told you I liked girl, just hadn’t found the one that makes my brain erect, not just my, my, you know what I mean.

Dad, dad? Oh yeah, I almost forgot you’ were never there. I can still tell you I met a girl without any lessons from you.

I haven’t seen her yet but her confidence spills across the screen of my phone when she writes. It’s a new world mom, people like each other online now.

It’s weird for me too

Okay, so I met a girl, she still online. Her face is still a blur; I could be getting charmed by robot for all I know or a man, that would a shame; I’d prefer it were a human though, at least we’d still be able to laugh during ice cream.

I met ‘a girl’ she’s easing up to my sit down comedy; rolls her eyes to the nonsense I write; like Eustace she’s probably uttering “You stupid boy”

That gives me courage, to make an attempt. An attempt to make her dance with me; You know how I love to dance.

So ja, I met a girl. I hope next time I write about her, I can tell you all her flaws, and tell you I still damn like her anyway.

~Purplish Flowers

She told me she likes it

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