Rejection II

Rejection II

This actually happened out of nowhere, now that I think about it; It wasn’t entirely expected. All I remember was that I began making a terrible noise, like an injured reptile….it’s the only thing I can think of right now. Mom yelled stop doing that, I tried to stop of course but I just couldn’t, I felt my mouth swelling up, like there was a balloon stuck on my throat.

That’s the first time I had an allergic reaction, but the problem was that no one knew, neither did I of what exactly caused it. So, we suspended Pepper… so pepper was eliminated at the dinner ‘table’, there was no table, just eating on your lap really… but it wasn’t pepper? There was confusion, after attempts to discovering what the issue was we finally figured it was onions.

As I stated earlier though, it’s weird because I had been having, eating onions earlier in my childhood.

That’s why I am here today, I would like to synonym an allergy to rejection; Being rejected is like having an allergic reaction to something; something that looks good, something you feel like you want but can’t have, something you make so many attempts to have close to you but my god man, my god it just isn’t meant for you.

Some of us don’t even put up a fight when rejected/some put up a fight, both which can be seen as a good/bad thing.

When one is rejected, just like an allergy you try to find out the cause, what exactly is it about YOU that this individual doesn’t like… talk too much, bad breath, dress code is fucked up, not entertaining blah blah blah etc; honestly a lot of reasons exist, but one thing that is for sure is it sucks.

Imagine out of nowhere being allergic to beef or any meat for that matter, and you love meat. Meat is by far the best product given to mankind and there the gods have said you can never have meat again.. what??

Fuck the gods!! really? fuck the gods? You might end up having to see them.

Anyway back on topic. Some people have the ability to take rejection pretty well; they will use the words “The other person doesn’t know what they are missing out on” “I can find another job”

That’s partly true; the other person might be missing out on something that is good, but problem is so are you.

Rejection really is a nasty little shit. I am not sure how I fare with rejection, I don’t want to say I take it with stride, I don’t, but neither do I crumble up and die. I investigate, I try to figure out what about me might have been “wrong” per se; Perhaps I wasn’t par sexually, maybe I wasn’t funny or maybe that or maybe this, I was just not what the person wasn’t looking for; however in that investigation especially when I was enjoying the time or chat or conversations I was having with that person por the idea of having something, I get hurt.

I get hurt that I want to have amnesia, just erase the person from my memory.

The ultimate question in terms of rejection is that after it happens should one continue pursuing or not? It’s a tough call really; you could come off as annoying to the human who rejected you or in this fucking tricky world you could be showing purpose/motivation of not wanting to lose someone you like… honestly I don’t have the answers, if I did have them, I certainly would be thriving.

What is your opinion?

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