You probably read this before, maybe

You probably read this before and you are wondering what happened to this guy that he feels this way? Well I am not sure either

I feel as though I had forgotten what it’s like to feel something, to feel emotions beyond your own control for someone or something. Emotions that are not guided by your “sexual” desires first or desires to mingle, but emotions that unexpectedly hit you, and you find yourself… gasping.

In this world, a world that is socially ‘destructive’, people searching for momentarily fixes or hits or whatever, which is not entirely bad… how do you sift through all that nonsense and indulge in authentic moments?

Of course one way to find true authentic moments is to hang around people who resonate in the same frequency as you, it doesn’t have to be identical, but the along the same line; For me that would be art. I think people who have creative minds have a better understanding of me than those who only try to understand art. Yes, there are those that enjoy art but it’s not the same as the ones inside it.

No, I’m not saying people should find each other in their own circles, that’s a terrible suggestion, it would ruin the philosophy of opposites attract, but I am saying, the people in your circle connect with you on such a level that there are no words in the dictionary to explain it.

I am a believer in connection, even though I have been amongst the mass of humans who follow their sexual desires and other “curious” desires; I am a believer in vibrating so well with another human that when they vanish out your life, it damn hurts.

It’s a question I have been asking though, how does one find such a needle in this social haystack? This haystack of people who are still trying to piece together who they are, and might end up using you to figure some part about themselves.

Listen, I am not in the slight bit innocent myself, I think there are a certain number of corpses I might have walked over to try and figure myself out. I regret of course on how I made those people feel, but I am not certain I regret everything entirely since without the actions I did previously, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

That is a weird and dangerous statement isn’t it, but the truth in it is overwhelming.

The reason to have regrets is because the actions you did have changed how you see things.

Anyway, I don’t even know how I got here. My sincere aim was to talk about connection: where does one find it? Honestly, I don’t know. Some people are lucky to turn on that TV and boom their favorite type of TV show comes on, and others have to flip through a lot of channels until they discover what their taste is… and that’s basically what this thing can be like sometimes, but, you know the type of genre you are looking for, so flip through around that area, and who knows you might meet a stranger that gives you a feeling a dictionary can’t explain.

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