Kissing Anxiety

Kissing maybe one of the most exciting things to do sexually, I mean it’s the gateway to almost everything; it’s quite amazing, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Kissing Anxiety refers to the “fear” of not knowing when to/go for a kiss.

In the past I have gotten myself in what I believe to be “sexual” situations but failed to take advantage of them. I know this because I would that guy that sends those already too late “I should have kissed you text” a redundant text really

I sent those a lot when I was younger, and I thought when I was more matured I’ wouldn’t have to send those because I would have had an understanding and knowledge of when should I kiss her, but I was wrong.

So, here is my topic or rather posed question. When is the right time to kiss her or him, I am not sexually discriminating at all, I am sure girls suffer from this as well, maybe not as much.

When is the best moment to kiss her/him? I’m talking about first time kissing here. I asked this question that seemed stupid but smart at the same time. Which kiss is preferred? The spontaneous feeling the moment kiss or the asking, can I kiss you?

This one young lady ‘It’s a trap’ I asked told me both are quite delicious. Spontaneous is hot, surprisingly exciting, but asking can also be deemed romantic.

Damn it!!!

So both kisses have high potential of being amazing but also high risk of failing. The response “what are you doing?” when you try to kiss someone who doesn’t want to be kissed is awful, yes, I’ve had that one unfortunately, it sucks, hell it sucks. Furthermore, the NO, why? response from can I kiss hurts as hell; luckily I’ve never had that one, but I’m sure it sucks if not awkward.

So, when is the appropriate time to kiss him/her. We all need to agree that first kisses are hard and scary because you don’t know.

You don’t know if it’s going to work or not; what if she doesn’t like you that way, she only sees you as a friend or after you kiss, are you expecting to go all the way?

At the end of last year, I experienced the spontaneous kiss moment, actually I was definitely sure it was going to happen. I was talking to her and we clicked so well my brain was telling me I have to kiss this girl at the end of the day, I was scared of course, honestly I was and I didn’t know when it would happen. Should it be one of those quick ones when she’ gets into her taxi or what…

Then it happened, we were talking leaning against the tree, the weather was cold, you could see our steam from breathing. We got closer to each other, I think both of us knew we were going to kiss and then we did, it was exciting, thrilling, felt like a child getting ice cream.

After that it became easy to kiss her, even randomly. My point being there are absolute moments were you can feel sure, and there are moments were you’re uncertain because the person isn’t giving the kiss me energy…. but you really want to kiss them

What do you do? And if you don’t do it and later you find out you should have, what exactly do you do? Fucking terrible right?

I really didn’t think at my age I’d be suffering from such an issue, I should know better, well, that’s not true is it, there are lessons to be learnt in every experience, no matter how experienced you may be.

However the question remains how do you know when to kiss her and which kiss approach is the best one? Let’s have a little vote, which might help, maybe…

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