Just an ‘Apple”

One of the first theatre (drama) works I saw had this character, a teacher; He had this apple, he never ate it. For the whole time he’d keep wiping the apple until it would shine. That apple looked perfect, but we never knew how it was inside.

I hated that he never ate that Apple, I love apples.

Years when I was a little older I understood why he never ate it. The Apple represented him. He liked the idea of looking perfect, he was in the eyes of everyone a perfect teacher, but he was a vile man.

Sometimes people can be like that; All you get to see is the perfect shining outside, yet inside they are either vile or worse, hurt, crying for help, for someone to just give them a hug once in a while.

Yeah, kinda deep for an art work made by 14 year olds. Give a friend or stranger a hug day

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