def. an insect that gets drawn to light and dies.

def. an insect that gets drawn to light and dies.

I hate that the shortest relationship I’ve ever been in was with you, the one person that I felt I knew the longest; the one person I wanted more than anything else, even bread.

I wish it wasn’t you;

Don’t get me wrong, with you I’d repeat the cycle of love like a rollercoaster or a ferries wheel, just keep going round and round, and round to my hearts content.

I just wish it wasn’t you though, the person who made me live the life of a moth.

I got drawn into the light that was you and I died the moment I got too close, and I’m still dying, slowly.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’d still do it again. Just like a waterfall I’d keep pouring my self, and my heart to you. Each day my heart would drown, I’d take a deep breath, and dive deep down again.

Fuck though, I really wish it wasn’t with you who I saw having a young boy with who has eyes that tell countless stories or a girl who’s driven by passion just like her parents.

I wish it wasn’t you that I am working so hard to forget, yet like an old kung fu movie I can’t help myself but replay you in my head and got damn your memory still gives me the same excitement as the first time you became mine.

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