Multiple Personalities

This post is about friendship(s)

In the movie Split the main character suffers from what psychology terms “multiple personality disorder” I tell you right now if the disorder was like that, it would definitely be more interesting.

I want it!!

I want to use the analogy of the movie as basis to this post. None of my friends are the same, as a reader you can attest to this by looking at your friends and seeing how different they are to each other. Although we are all friends together, and resonate on the same frequency, we very much differ; We differ on how we approach certain things or life itself, I think it’s why my friends have their own friends as do I.

This comes to me in how I saw my friends reacting to something I had sent them. Each found a different aspects of one scenario, I didn’t send a joke to a certain friend because I knew it was not their type of joke, this of course doesn’t mean friendship over.

This phenomenon if I can call it that is clearly visible in my own emotional needs to them “friends” as well.

I never approach a certain friend with a certain problem, because I know they will not get the whole picture of the issue, they will offer support yes, but it won’t be the kind I’d need.

I have a friend I always approach if I have women problems, not because he has a lot of women problem surrounding him, no, because he has a certain understanding that I can resonate with… he also has lot of women problem, please help him!

I have a friend I can approach if I have family problems or thinking about future prospect. I have friends I can talk about artistic work, some of my friends get repeated in different loops.

Friends to talk dumb and serious shit with you know!

These friends in a way tap into different personalities that exist within me. I can listen to my friends music but not all their playlists, gosh I’d die.

I am not sure they’d be able to listen to my playlist, I got too many love songs, Taylor Swift ringing in my ears, what can I say Teardrops on my guitar is my shit!!

Anyway, friends are dynamic, some of them you can’t call to be honest because they’ll tell a joke to get you into unnecessary trouble, some you can’t call to speak “the truth” because they will really speak honest truth, bitch read between my lies.

Yeah I learned that lesson the hard way, that’s a story for another day.

I have a few circle of friends, I mean the people I can really tell my shit too. The ones that know I am really shy and quiet, the ones that know I am smart in certain fields and totally clueless in others, but that won’t stop me from listening to them rant about their shit.

Most my friends and I support the same teams, except Fiddy, he’s a bitch, he supports Arsenal, I don’t get that.

Friends, countrymen, people of earth, what are your friends like? Drop me some comments, let me laugh at your shit.

3 Replies to “Multiple Personalities”

  1. What a beautiful analysis of our everyday life with our friends too! 😅 I recently lost the last parent I had and I told my friends about it, and ofcoz like I had expected they showed up in different ways some physically for the whole ceremony and others would call or text me on a daily, except this one friend. I waited for a response from her about my situation she didn’t give me any. 3 weeks later I text her, and ofcoz I was in my feelings, I told her how hurt I was at her silence and seeming to have just continued with life as if I wasn’t in the pits. (And no I wasn’t expecting her life to come to a halt because I was going through something, but sis was posting pictures of herself with other friends at groove and living her best life). And her response was ‘I’m so sorry you feel that way, i was simply giving you space because I know everyone would be all up in your face about it.’ It was an interesting perspective honestly it was and to this day I am curious about how it made sense to her 😂 but then again, we’re different all of us. I came to the conclusion that maybe she’s better as a ‘Good times’ friend. But ofcoz I cut her off after that because I don’t do seasonal friends, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a friend right? It just means she’s a good times only friend.


    1. hahaha, I love the kinda question and statement you pose there at the end “she’s a got time friend? ”

      We discover what people really mean to us by the moments we experience in our lives. Some of them will show up, some of them might not. I guess it’s the complexities of it interaction/connections.

      I hope you are slowly finding yourself again after your loss. My Lesbian🌹❤️


  2. This is soo true, I’ve experienced this with the friends I have encountered in the past and how different they are from me and I find it interesting because we all can’t be alike. The joys of different personalities.

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