Father Figures I

When I was growing up I use to tell myself I grew up without a ‘father’. In essence it’s the person that contributed to my conception I didn’t grow up with. I had a lot of father figures.

In this next series of blog posts I want to list almost all the father figures that I have had in my life. These foreign individuals who have played a role of “father” in my life without ever knowing they did. Media really is a fascinating thing; it can build a person or can break them down. I guess I am the lucky few. So, here is a rather interesting odd list of the father figures in my life.

Jackie Chan Movies “Funny, inventive, none violent (well)”

Being bullied is something most of us fall victim, it’s hard to speak about being bullied when you’re a kid, especially if your mom is a hardworking strong black woman. So you learn to keep quiet and try to survive school life. I chose that route rather than telling mom who would have whipped me for being “weak”. It’s in these moments you need father figures, someone to teach you how hold your fist straight up, or your leg up high for kicks.

Jackie Chan is probably the only non-black person I will mention in this post as a father figure but that he was. I’ve written too many times on how watching Jackie Chan helped me as a kid. It was not only to defend myself but I learned how to use my body for a variety of things, especially for expression.

Being able to love while watching someone fight was enjoyable, Mr. Chan showed me that “running away” is not necessary a bad thing, just puts you in a better survival position and survive I did, not only that, I learned how to get stronger.

One on One “How to raise a daughter”

I grew up with one parent, which wasn’t easy for her I am sure. My siblings and I were lunatics to say. So I never imagined what mom went through, furthermore I could never imagine what if it was my ‘father’ who was raising us.

So watching Flex raise his daughter on One on One was something special; to see all the dynamics, ups and downs of being a single father were a learning curve. Young as I was, I took a lot of lessons from this father. How to approach being a father, to learn from your daughter as much as she learns from you. Yes, of course the young girl was a grown up but none the less there were really good lessons and conversations that happen in that household.

Yes, of course Fleex had support, even the daughter he was raising supported him, guiding him on how to be father. I appreciate you Flex, for giving me good lessons. I appreciate these father figures.

As the list continues to go on, I am sure you might bump into a series or character that made you become better as a person or like me, was able to help you grow. If you have any to share before I post the next blog of father figure be sure to do so. I am a 90’s child, so some series might not be familiar to those who are very young.

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