Stuck washing the dishes

Recently my girlfriend confided how every time she goes home she really feels the unfairness behind being a girl/female. I am sure most will relate to what she said hell I freaking relate. So let me break it down…She gotta clean the house everyday. Wash dishes. Cook and dish for everyone….what is my take on this you ask? well you didn’t ask but I’ma tell you anyway.

I am the oldest in the family of 3…that’s mother, brother and sister. When I was young I had to play the “female” of the house. I had to run back from school as the bell rang…come wash the dishes and clean the house cause the little bastards had the house upside down. I am not saying it’s unfair, I am saying I understand

After cleaning and washing my school uniform I had to prepare dinner for everyone…mom usually came back very late…she gotta eat right. So, I am not saying it’s unfair, I am saying I understand.

This routine went on about basically 11 years… and that is what makes it worse isn’t it? That it is a routine…no matter how many times you clean the house…tomorrow they will be dirt. No matter how many times you wash the dishes…tomorrow you will be washing them again. We all hate routine.

So what is my conclusion in all of this….wait for it…it is going to be a lengthy conclusion.

Here is what I think is wrong… I think it is wrong for parents to give the mentality that a girl is suppose to be house hold maid. It is wrong for parents to tell their little girls to be in a position of serving all the time. It is not only unfair to them but also unfair to the boys. These boys will grow up with such mental states…they will come to varsity eat noodles and drink booze for the whole three years because they really don’t know how to make a simple meal.

“OMG make phuthu? how do I do that”

You will walk into their kitchen and it’s dirty because they don’t know how to clean that shit…..however to be fair and honest…in varsity girls are way more filthy then guys.. #what is up with that girls?

Anyway this training whatever we can call it, is surely wrong…it needs alteration…stop trapping girls in the house…let them live a little… let them come home late… let them play with mud and ride bicycles… let them be comfortable in telling you that they met a boy or two… or three…you never know

You know when you tell your kids you want them to have what you never had? yeah! What you never had is probably a parent who had a social conversation with you?  A parent who told you about their sex life and heart breaks…a parent who told you what they love. Give that to your child…stop blabbering about

“if they have sex they will get pregnant”

Rather tell them when they want to they can have sex…they must just be careful “protect” themselves. Now isn’t that a conversation worth having.

Let them girls make wrong decisions as well so you can guide them like how boys learn. I use to hunt snakes cause my grandpa told us snakes had magic….I learnt the hard was that they don’t. See an adventure with a lesson. Of course this is my opinion, I don’t know what background you’re growing up in….but I am asking you to consider it…what is your take??? 

What’s up my KAFFIR?

Now I don’t really know the history of the terms that I am about to speak about but I understand enough to place some questions.

Nigger vs Kaffir

We all have used nigger before, hey nigger! what’s good my nigger? et.c etc. however let’s address something nigga is an American term. The ‘supreme’ whites had been using this term to INSULT African American during those old times of slavery… you know that time right…black people taken and sold…abused and a lots of other atrocities “Coloured babies” much…

Throughout the progressive years however African Americas got “freedom” and things changed, one ultimate thing that they changed was the power behind the word nigga…TAKE THAT POWER BACK!! Nigga is now used as an endearing term. Wait? what? an endearing term? Yeah nigger that word now is for greeting a fellow brother.

So a word that was used to take power away from black people and insult them is used to appreciate a fellow black man…now that is dope. More than that it is an insult if a white person uses it…you could get shot!

This all brings me to my context SOUTH AFRICA…nkosi sikelel!!!!! AFRICA!!! We have used nigga quite a lot…hell I great some of my people with this term all the freaking time #South African love things!!! Let’s throw nigga away for a bit. Imaginary Bin (Throws it inside)


If black people in America can take away the insult in the word Nigga…what is stopping South Africans from doing the same thing with KAFFIR??? #questionmark #questionmark

What is stopping us from taking the apartheid out of the word KAFFIR. Just be walking in the streets…HEY my KAFFIR!! what’s up my KAFFIR! Is it perhaps that kaffir is more insulting than nigga or we are just lazy? I certainly wouldn’t mind to start this movement. The question as Chris Rock said will still be.

Can white people say KAFFIR???



A stranger in my bed.

I’d like to speak bout something in order to do that However I want to tell a story my brother told me.

Wife (pregnant) was leaving to go somewhere…out basically…husband kissed her and said see you later. She walked out the door drove away…#vooom!!

Husband knowing when she’ll be back. Call his mistress. #tringgg_tringgg. She’s gone come over….unfortunately turns out the wife comes back earlier. You saw that coming didn’t you? While on the bed with his mistress “fucking” the wife walks in….sees the activity….screams…cries…and walks away….drives away

Cool Calm and Collected…the husband sends mistress away…takes bath… and sits and watches sport…wife comes back…with family still crying…the husband is shocked. What is going on?…the wife explains what she saw…the man denies it…Never…I was watching sports whole day…wife screams that he is lying she saw him

The man denies it….calling ancestors and all. The uncle calls the man to the side.

“Son, we are both men I understand manly urges…she is telling the truth isn’t she?” prods the uncle.

The man continues…Never. I never did… It must be the pregnancy. I swear I never.

Now everyone is confused. Who is lying? Did this even happen? The older people are convinced now that the wife is paranoid. They convince her she is…she is convinced that the pregnancy must be getting to her. Everyone laughs and joy in the family. The end?

Now what is the lesson in this tale…Keep to your lies? Cheat?

Always confirm yourself of what the truth is…before relying on others to confirm for you.

Truth be told there really is no lesson….I just love and hate this tale…thought whoever reads might find meaning to it.

My art has made me gay?

I have been meaning to post this for a while but internet can be…you know

Now I have a straight man my whole life. I remember I’d sit in my front yard so I could look across were my first and probably longest crushed lived. Curiously waiting for her to come outside and get water or something…anything
If that doesn’t make it clear there is always a list of girls I have been with in my back pocket….incase I need to prove something. Although to be honest I’ve always had a thing for lesbians….but that’s a tale for another day.
The major concern in this entry is how my art has made me gay? The question mark is there for a reason. Now I am an artist, performance artist. Directing, Choreography and Writing…and to be honest I do choreography and dancing more than the latter…beside it being a great work out for my body, I just love it. Now in drama there is a stigmatization…from the people outside who make statements that DRAMA STUDENTS ARE GAY!! #shocked_emoji…now let me make it clear that yes…most of the people in there are gay…that is very true….but not all of us okay. And some f those people are my friend and I love them very much…either way that is the conclusion people have made…if you’re a guy and you do drama equals being gay.

How cruel.

Now I have been gay for bout 9 years now…even with a GF…somehow I am still gay? All because I do drama. Now that’s just unfair…it’s like saying all politicians are corrupts…hahahha.#funny.
So my profession, art has made me gay…does not really help that I am a contemporary dancer…but question is do I mind…I mean of course I DO not…hell call me gay as much as you want…I’ll shrug my shoulders…smile…and weeks down the line…I am in your GF’s pants.
That is how the world function(son)

I speak fluent Curb your Enthusiasm

Now if you don’t know what Curb your enthusiasm is…shame on you…shame…the show is basically like pigs orgasm…just 30mins of excitement…my word no wonder bacon taste so good…pigs are happy.

Anyhow. The show stars Larry Davids as his probably fictional self Larry Davids a brutally honest man. Me and my friend Fiddy even developed a motto after him…The Larry (being brutally honest).

Now when I say I speak fluent Curb your enthusiasm…I mean I am fucking honest…for years I had been the guy who beats around the bushes…going in circles…geezus!! Now I can easily send a text saying “Hey come over so we can have sex” to any friend of mine…or person… but  what has inspired me to write this post today is my GF. who goes on to accuse me of “cheating” on her.

Now there is nothing that can piss a guy of then being accused of cheating when you are not. There are so many ways our conversation could have gone. One were she says “Hey babe, a strange girl contacted me saying ya’ll are a thing” in that way. I would have laughed…told her to give me that bitches number and we both laugh at her together. However she chose the latter…accusation without confirmation…’insecurities’….here is were the Larry comes in as quoted from the text I sent after lengthy accusations

“Lalela (listen). I don’t care. I don’t. You chose to be listening to some psycho bitches…both ya’ll can be friends. Leave my name out of your guys conversation”

The point I am making though is that some of us need to speak fluent Larry Davids…it makes things freaking luminating. Don’t be making stupid statements…going in circle…just be god damn…honest…stop making statements for other people…think, analyze then speak…

By the way Season 9 of Curb your enthusiasm was hella funny

No more secrets.

There was a time were your vote is your secret was the motto to follow. The time were only you knew who you’d vote for. As much as I like the idea of that…there was never such a time…there definitely isn’t one now.

I mean….in 1994 clearly everyone knew what/who those long as blacks line were gonna vote for…my darkies had one goal and one goal only to be freedom…on that day the blackest black people came out…even those who had been hiding from the bushes…if it were possible those in the grave would have risen too.

After that the motto still continued…your vote is your secret…but one listens…people wearing t-shirts affiliated with a certain party a clear indication who they’re voting for…

Then there came a time were it was dangerous to do such…you can’t wear that t-shirt …”what did you say bout ANC?! What did you say bout IFP?! What! what! what???And blood would be spilled…at that time people understood what secret meant…only the results would show that majority of who voted for who….

Fast forward to now…no more secrets again? T-shirts… Phone calls…advertisements etc. People are making it clear who they will be voting for. Another violent abruption is coming? There is a certainty it might happen that way…it gets to the point were you cant be given something cause you’re associated with a certain party….[secret]…that is why you need to close your chest…these people take this political thing serious… Frankly my belief is we need this secrecy to be implemented…so many things come into factor if we don’t have it…then again it is something to be debated…

Some secrets are just meant to be kept


There is plentiful curiousity

I thought my first should perhaps speak towards me. I am yet to put any contact information about myself. For a while I might keep it that way…I intend to personify myself with that batman feel…remain in the shadows but contribute to society somehow.

I am an artist…performer, director, writer and choreographer…why am I blogging…curiosity gets the better of me sometimes…okay, all most all the time.  It looks interesting besides the fact that when I write academically I am always told “No, don’t write that way” frankly it has become annoying, but blogging is different right? I mean here is a place were I can write what I want ? how I want to? I am putting those question marks cause censoring exists almost everywhere. Larrdd knows you can’t post that video…no not that picture…no not that comment. My word then what are we suppose to do in social media? if we can’t express shit that we feel shitty about…WE WANT OPINIONS!!! Now that’s a riot


I tend to reflect back and forth…I reminisce a lot…so expect me to refer back to the past a lot while identifying with the future. I guess the curiosity begins today…to be honest I am not sure how often I will post but when I do…it will be worth while.