There are things google can’t teach you

Now we’re all familiar with the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” such a lousy saying man. It is really depressing you know. I believe everyone can learn something new once a while…that belief has led me today to write this entry.

As always I will use myself as an example…you must know as an academia I believe in autoethnography…if you are not familiar what that is hoooraay!!!! you have just learnt something new. I was never a social person, frankly I preferred sitting in the corner somewhere and listening to Michael Jackson…not to say I don’t do it anymore but there is a bridge now… I’d bury myself in my own world…it was safe, not too busy, not judgy…and made me feel special all the time. And let me state this there is nothing important than having a place were you can be alone.

However you are not alone (MJ Reference) the world is so big!!! huge in fact….the universe even bigger but that’s a convo for another day…you might want to check out Carl Sagan in case that convo is becomes near.

Anyhow. You don’t need to be alone…interaction through out the years I have learnt is the most wonderful experience… through interaction and human to human interaction I have learnt a lot…laughed a lot…cried a lot…and a lot of other thing..DO YOU KNOW what I mean (Na’mean). Yes, Trevor Noah was right…na’mean is much better. What I am saying is that there is a lot to learn from other people…inter act with strangers… the one thing the world has done is building a barrier between people either using race, status or gender you pick…..I wanna focus on status however…especially in relation to jobs/careers. We’re are so far apart as people because our careers and jobs have built this gap between us. I think we can learn a lot from the differences in our careers/jobs…and there is perhaps nothing more in recent times that has demonstrated that than FOREX TRADING.

All types of individuals have taken this route of making money in forex for either survival or trying to get rich…learning new things….I have embarked on that journey too, still deciding if I am trying to survive or trying to get rich or die trying!! (50 cents reference)

Look at this as well, I started a blog…that I did that for me…I have a lot to say…and as DAVE Chappelle said “People are so fucking sensitive these days that anything you say they take to heart” rather I state my mind in a blog…relax people my opinions are not food that you have to eat…but I am trying to take you outside your box of mind…let’s think together

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Are you willing to learn something new? Learn about someone or something? Do yoga? Get a plant? anything to free your self from regular routine.

2 Replies to “There are things google can’t teach you”

  1. most people are afraid of stepping out from their comfort zone , the fear for failure and socially constructed barriers are the main reason why most people die having never lived as the best versions of themselves , we need to understand that in life you get what you give and most things thats are worth having take patience and dedication , life is awesome and Yes you can teach a old dog new tricks …


    1. Thank you! Thank you! there is an understanding that we have some mental blockage…but that is exactly is needed to just try at least transcend these barriers. You don’t want to be old and say “damn, I wish I learnt how to swim or ride a bike”


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