How being bullied saved my life

Now let me just say this first…any form of bullying is frankly wrong whether emotional or physical… I don’t condole it. I mean there is nothing as awful as going to school or any other place and knowing “Oh Fuck!! I’m gonna get bullied” however here I am bout to talk bout how being bullied saved my life.

I admit as a kid all this being bullied saved my life…total shit! I was angry! I was pissed that I couldn’t defend myself! Pissed that there was no one I could tell at home cause I was the oldest one at home. and Telling my mom wasn’t gonna help me cause she would have probably klap! me if she knew someone other than her was beating me #Awkward I had worse times with my bullies I must say….to the point were my number one career was to be an assassin so I’d secretly shoot em all…you know just like that “Danny McGraff in Billy Madison…that in all honesty if I must be honest kept me waking up at some of my worse days.

Being bullied though I learnt a lot of lessons as a person. It sound pathetic and all but I did. Besides learning how to run away really faster and being an athletic. I learnt that I needed to understand people more and enviably I did. I never really understood why bullies choose me as their punching bag…perhaps I was weaker, perhaps I reminded them of their problems or perhaps I reminded them of what they could not be….and that is a real problem for them. As kid bullies really sucked up my self esteem real dry…but as I grew old it was them who contributed in filling that self-esteem back up. As they would in the future come ask for my help with Maths and Science….life is weird that way isn’t it.

Thanks to bullies I learnt how to understand people and their issues…one of the inspirations for this entry is Key and Peele’s School Bully skit.

I watch this long ago but somehow today it came back to me. The skit really delves into most minds of bullies…I am not saying all bullies are acting the way they do because of what is suggested in the skit…but it’s a stone throw away. But there are so many deeper problems buried inside these “Bullies” that we never truly understand. And it is not speaking to the victims that will help it is speaking to them bout what is lying beneath the surface. Inevitably I studied psychology at varsity to understand people, behaviour and communication even more and it has really done wonders for me…to think being bullied would somehow contribute to part of my career is fascinating.

There are currently people who still bully others today… again whether emotional, psychologically or physically it happens. I want to say don’t let it eat you up let it build you…use it to understand them…hug them eventually they will stop putting the fist on you and open their hands for love.

To you who is bullying…understand that we can’t help if you don’t open up…use words, if words don’t help…write it down…open a blog… pour your emotions in there…a lot of voices will listen. Ofcourse they will be people who will probably cyber bully you but that’s okay, you’re use to being on the other side #Jokes. Anyhow say something otherwise you’ll end up getting shot or worse end up being broken your whole life.

In my opinion everyone just needs to understand the other persons situation…then see how change can be made…



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