Why we should ALL watch Black Panther

I could write something like 10 reasons why we should watch black panther….but I think there are more than 10 reasons. I could have written why all black people should watch black panther but I fucking believe everyone should watch Black Panther.

I haven’t watch Black Panther yet. Hasn’t come out obviously…tell you the truth I don’t watch reviews or hear none of that spoiler or what the critics have to say nonsense. I mean I love critics and all most movies I watch I hear what the bastards have to say before giving my TIME to a film that is not worth my Time…na’mean. For Black panther I just wanna watch and enjoy.

I have been a comic fan since I was probably in High School… I can honestly however say I have never read any comics in my LIFE!! although Internet has made such things possible. Thank God for the internet!!!! Perhaps I can then rephrase and say I have been a superhero fan for like always. I mean sure all fiction. I know how many time a spider has bitten me but look at me…no powers…been bitten by a snake. yet no snake powers…see where I am going…Fabricated shit!!! but do you think that will stop me for burning my eyes with light that probably is killing my eyes, watching these heroes kick ass and asking no names….uhhmmm nope! Cinemas here I come….or Internet here I come…

I have been watching Steve Rodgers or Tony Stark kick ass! Jump! Fly! doing all sort of things and I was there screaming supporting “Yeah! YEAH! Kill them Tony!!” yet I always felt some distance between me and Tony/Rodgers…besides them being all neat and fit and shit…I was Black! Yep you saw that coming. Of course it’s about facing skin color motherfucker….hear me well….Skin color….no race….would have been equally happy to see an Indian Captain America….fat chance that happening right. Years ago I was s happy to hear Green Lantern is coming out! I was finally we get to see a darkie as a superhero….Al Jordan. I had been watching Justice League for long time….I knew the motherfucker was black…..to my surprise “they” chose the white guy version…worse of all the movie flops…yeah suits you right bitches!!!!

Fast forward to 2018 and Marvel has giving us darkies a gift! Oh hail Marvel! you sweet beauty! Hail them white nerds behind that studio. I mean the mentor is still a white but who gives a shit! at least it ain’t Hancock! Marvel’s studios presents Black Panther…fully Black Cast movie. I can already see it in my mind. I am screaming till my voice…dis..s..appears

You probably wondering when am I getting to the reasons why we all should watch Black Panther. Then you haven’t been reading…I am about to mention the main reason. Black people can be heroes too. I read a challenge were people were fundraising so that young black kids can go watch Black Panther in theatres. And that line stood out for me

“Black people can be heroes too”

There are black heroes in the world, people who are doing things but never acknowledged because Race plays a factor. It is shame that it is taking one movie for people to realize that Black people can be heroes too. Black people can work twice as hard to prove themselves isn’t it… listen I am in no way about to get into a racial dispute trust me it’s there are some views that I don’t share with my black people either.

“Black people can be heroes too”

How many has a coloured child gotta shout for Steve/Tony to kick ass…has a coloured gotta go buy a toy that he don’t truly relate…well Black Panther about to change that shit!

“Black people can be heroes too”

I think that is the only line and sentence I want to highlight in the whole entry. I want you as reader to eat it up…let it linger in your brain. That shit is about to go down….and when shit has gone down. I will come back to this block and write

“What did I fucking tell ya”

Let me hear your thought… are you going to watch or wait for us to tell you about it?

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