Disappearing LOGIC

There are times when logic disappears… All form of necessary thought just vanishes in your brain. I wish I could be referring this to myself but I am not. It is rather aimed at my fellow man…the ones that indulge in the bottle…liquor…utswala.

So I don’t drink/smoke…yes a choice…or shut up…It wouldn’t suit my personality… I have friends who do it though…friends of friends and neighbours..

There has always been this thing about the bottle that bothered me however…the fact that it makes logic disappear… I know this cause I have experienced it vicariously.

You get money… You buy lots of booze and no food? Whaaat? You have no food at the house…but you’d rather buy booze…? Where is the logic in that? Yet my fellow man suffer from this loss of logical thought

In my years of varsity I have seen this stupidity…yes I am calling it stupidity!!!! Soon as guys get money…liquor becomes their first priority… I have lived with people who had the same set of minds…yes bros I am referring to ya’ll….Yet at the end of the day the same dudes who were drinking money away comeback and be like yoh bro…anything to eat…same dudes who drank their money you see them trying to survive weeks on bread.. How foolish!!!!!

I am not saying booze is bad…got nothing against a thriving business…all i am saying is make logical decisions…drink aftrrer you’ve gotten a bulk of food.. 10Kg of Potatoes (Save on Fried chips). You realise, 2 large fried chips cost R40…while 7KG potatoes cost R30… Logic bro….maybe I am a stingy fuck head….oh well

When have you seen logical though disappear out the window? Talk to me…lets shake our heads together over the stupid decisions that our fellow humans make…. leave a comment

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