Down the marrow (Dance)

Why? Why? What does it all mean? It could be perhaps that I have come understand dance differently in my time as performer/choreographer/creator. I understand however the power behind a narrative of any work. How a strong narrative can make any work look beautiful. Down the marrow in my perspective held in a contradictory position. Divided into two works, I felt the first half of the work made more sense than the second half.

The first half had two women (Jabu and Zinhle) journeying through what seems to be social struggles that, my opposite sex (women) face all the time. Being silenced and being categorised, these women shed off these categorisation bit by bit.

When the work crossed to the second half by Sifiso, I rather felt cheated. I felt like I was watching student dance training class and improvisation. Bodies were moving but I had along the way lost the whole concept of the work. As I sat I watched others beginning to look at their watches…and others sleeping. To use the work as training for dancers it works, to use it for viewers to watch and tell a working narrative perhaps not yet, it could use a little bit more.


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