Do jeans represent the varsity life Identity?

I am at the moment in my work interrogating how clothes shape our identities. So it is no surprise to myself that I bump into such an aspect as life re-convenes at varisty.

Jeans! Jeans! Jeans! And more jeans! I sat in the open grass by NAB (UKZN) looking over the students and what is this I see? Majority of them are wearing jeans… It is not hard to notice really…because 1 out 2 people are wearing jeans and there come in various colors and forms…blue jeans dominating ofcourse.

It is at this particular moment that I am intrigued by this occurrence…asking myself if jeans are representation of varsity life identity or is it just a season thing?

Let us analyse this…
1. Season purposes

It is winter. Its cold…jeans are warm to an extend so why not? Nobody wants to be cold, especially in PMB were you can leave home to 30 degrees but hour into the day it is 5 degrees. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO US PMB? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! So jeans are likely to fit in…good on cold weather not bad on hot weather either.

2. Varsity Life Identity

I have a lot of points to make so let me make a list…
A. Jeans are tight thus show all the assets that one has…especially for girls e.g Ass/Booty. Damn girl how’da get on them jeans as Chingy once said… For guys they say its because jeans hardly get dirty…you can wear them multiple times

B. Jeans have the capability if worn right to make a person look skinnier than they are… perhaps I should have quoted Chingy on this point here.

C. Jeans are pretty cool, I mean there come not only in various colors but rather in styles as well. E.g. Torn jeans, torn in a weird way jeans, dirty jeans, skinny jeans, bootleg jeans…list goes on. So we have all types of identities walking around varsity, well 90% YA’LL WEARING THE SAME SHIT!!

D. Jeans literally go with anything. You can wear any top with jeans and baam you are good to go.

It is either on purpose that I am making the second point “Varsity life identity” win more or it is just the way it is…that jeans have a tendency to represent varsity life identity “Young adults who are preparing themselves for the working world”. To be fair and honest.. You will hardly see individuals at a work place wearing jeans… I mean look at the majority of your own lectures/professors.. There is a different identity of clothes relevant for that particular position/environment…

There is a possibility I could be wrong? Perhaps you have your own reason why you’re wearing jeans and it is not to conform to the varsity life identity or it is and you’re only noticing now as I bring more light to it. Whatever the case is  you can write to me…. I am willing to see your perspective



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