The exhausting world of emojis

The world is rather changing a lot, it is fair to admit that technology precisely social media and apps have changed the human world of communication, if I am being fair not all of it for the better of human kind.

Many articles have been written about how we spend most of our times now sitting infront/hunched over our cellphones, laptops and computers like evolution apes; these articles are literally saying we are reverting back to that ‘evolutionary’ state…if you believe in that sort of thing.

However this writing is not about that, rather I want to be specific on something….emojis. Now the world brought us Cellphones…Thank you world…in those phones there was Short Message Service (SMS). Which was so useful…it still is if you live in the stone age and you don’t have a smartphone ‘The horror of it all’

Anyhow..this day and age…we have social applications that allow you to communiccate quickly and easily…the purpose of these apps was to get people connected? Well I am slowly seeing that function dissipating but hey who am I.

In these apps exist emojis…finally I get to the topic right? Shut up! There are basic emojis e.g. Heart shape…smily face, angry face, poop emoji…you know the regulars. Then there are people who come up with strange combination of these things…wait what? What does that mean now?

We were having such a nice ‘normal’ conversation…flirting and stuff…what is this now? Speak English to me or any other language I will understand. Perhaps I am not updated about the new era of language…maybe I am of age.. But it is annoying to have to ask what do you mean? or have to wonder what does that emoji mean now? I mean we passed the mxit days of HUD? GTG? which was freaking more confusing…those were good times though.

My wish is that people need to use emojis propely. I don’t wanna have to figure out or guess what you are saying. Are you lazy to type? You shouldn’t be cause it takes more seconds looking for that knife emoji than it does to type ‘I will stab you’…it really does you can test it.

Am I being a little dramatic? Acting old? Maybe I am but NB: who the fuck dediced that cucumber and peach in emoji land represent penis and vagina?? I am about to lose it!!!

Blogger out

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