What is your worth?

I have to be honest, financially I have a problem knowing what I am worth. For the longest time that I have been an artist or even a person I have struggled to know what my worth is; The biggest problem lies on the fact that I’ve always chosen to do art on the mere fact that I love it, I live for it, so in that sense when I throw myself in it, I tend to not put a number on it.

As artist we have had to readjust and reshuffle our worth, mostly probably because a) We don’t know what our worth it b) The people we try work for do not understand the amount of sweat and time that goes in our work. So we have people who just come and believe we can make work in an hour or day. Yes we have all gone through that shit! c) Because there are so many of us who do not know what they are worth. You will state this amount and then the guy says “That’s too much, I know a guy who would do it for cheaper” Now you have to battle with a fellow artist for a cheap price. Finally, d). No one has actually taught us how to calculate the worth of an artist, no school of art, not any fucking person; we take shit as it comes

This whole thing begins with people trying to sell us “Exposure” you know I never get to say this but FUCK YA’LL… if ever in your life you told a hard working artist who probably is living off the art they do and you say you will pay them with exposure… you my friend deserve the pit of hell.

The question however still begs. What is your worth? Can you sit down now and calculate what exactly you deserve. Of course I know you can not compare yourself to a celebrity….do not over reach…your time is coming. what is your worth though? I mean what makes up your worth? experience? talent? ukuthi wazibani? it’s a fucking mess. For a guy like me, i have created a lot of work, won a couple of accolades, academically gifted, talented… I am blowing my own horn I know but I am giving this info at the end I still do not know what my rate is… my worth is what I get and that’s bad, right?

I think every artist should have a rate that calculates their worth. Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum whatever it is we should put it upon ourselves to know our worth. I am tired of people not understanding the amount of time and the expenses I put in my work. It is really depressing to work for 3 months and perform for 30min and someone wanting to pay you if not god damn exposure, mere cents. FUCK YOU!!!

In your own opinion, what needs to be done for artist young, old, semi-professional and professional to know their worth? So we can start living off the art we make


Don’t be afraid to comment, I have stopped biting



One Reply to “What is your worth?”

  1. Well! growing up in a township where the taxi industry is a buzz and the mostly liked business. My father was a taxi owner, so I sort of had both experiences of being in the driver’s seat (not literally) because I was still young and a passenger. However, I discovered that it is a place of friendship and relationships at large. From the driver to the passanger at the back. The conversation is never limited to one seat. People would find out about who sells what and how to get it in the taxi.

    I enjoyed this read. Thank you very much.


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