Top 5 reasons you might think I am hitting on YOU

Top 5 reasons you might think I am hitting on YOU

But.. I am not.
So recently I had a strange conversation with a girl, yes, I am talking about you, I know you’ll read this girl. Anyway this girl tells me I have been hitting on her! Uhmmm what? When? How? I don’t know this! But yes, she is convinced that over the time I knew her I have been trying to get her.

Unfortunately, that is definitely not true. However it is not the first time this is happening to me, I have quite a long list of women who have over the years assumed that I was hitting on them, and I was not.

This has put me in a lot of trouble; I am imagining it right now. I mean one of them girls, I stopped talking too cause she spread a rumour that I was trying to fuck her… but why? She had been helping get her friend…so wtf! Still pisses me off, every time I think about it, it grinds my grills.

So, this is personal! I told my friend Mlondi this and he gave me an answer which I will include in the appropriate sub-heading. So here it is, top 5…maybe 6 reasons you might think I am hitting on YOU!
#5 My smile and eyes!
Okay, are you done laughing??? Okay, not yet? When you’re done continue reading. I am one of a few people who have an authentic smile, a smile that goes all the way to my eyes. I have very small attractive eyes and a lovely smile. So naturally when I LOOK at some women this turns to have an effect, an effect which creates a chain of thought, thought that I am trying to get her. Basically my face makes me a natural flirt and that is what Mlondi said to me…

“You like flirting JC I think it in your genes it just nature to you..🤷🏾‍♂ I can see Juliet/ Charmaine saying I think JC wanted to smash at some point!”

To be clear, I never thought such!
I am I.
I was born this way… my smile is an honest smile, I do it because I am naturally happy, and I think my body just naturally follows that language as well.
#4 I am very direct
I call it brutal honestly! This going around thing, trying to be sensitive I find is very harmful. It allows people to slack off, why? because they are driven by the idea that you said something nice and positive too many times!
Fuck that, I like people to be honest with me because I am telling you right now, I will be forever brutally honest with you.

While I am still there, it is very weird as a girl/boy for you to think I am hitting on YOU. I don’t shy away from telling people I like or people I want that I want them.

I am being serious; there are girls who know that I want to kiss them and those who know I want to fuck them…it’s simple as that…if there are mutual feelings well then…bombs away. Jokes, I am joking, I know a specific person who will read this part and take it seriously!! Shheeesh ngiyadlala! No bombs, bombs stay!

But if you ask me, I’ll tell you the truth , and if I haven’t been brutally honest to you then girl….hau
#3 I am intelligent and I know what I want
I have said many times that these words ‘genius, smart and intelligent’ are ambiguous. You are allowed to interpret them in your own way; However I am an intellect. I am a creative intellect, with writing and creating + performance. I have beautiful abstract ideas, and mostly the moment there arrive I blurt them out, either here on my blog or around people or whatsapp, like whatever!

I am aware of a lot of things happening in the world and I allow myself to have an opinion about what is happening socially! So, I am intelligent!
I know what I want in life generally; you might think its weird but people or rather women, fuck even men are attracted to individuals who know what they want. I think it’s a primitive drive we have as humans.

At the age that I am in, I have gone through a lot of shit and the ultimate lesson I learnt was that I should know what I want and I knew from a very young age.
So that primitive drive is drawing you to me, hence why you think I might be hitting on you.
#2 I care
Perhaps my worst best trait
There are things that might come out of my mouth that might sound mean, but like a parent who whips their child when they are going off, I do it because I care.

I will never in my life try to hit a female, at times even men, I rather walk away from the situation. My household wasn’t particularly a great one when it came to that, so as much I can, I like to not repeat my childhood.

So because I care, I am a great listener, I am blowing my own horn but, I stand by this truth, I can drown in it to. Those are words from Andrew Stanton who said great story tellers are those who can drown in their truth.

I have put my ear on the table for hundreds of women and men. I have had people who were drowning in darkness call me to say “JC can you just tell me any one of your stories, I am having a bad go at life”
Now that I am writing it, I don’t believe it, but that’s what it is. These individuals call me or talk to me because they know I’ll be honest but mostly because I’ll hear what they have to say, not to respond but to listen. I think sometimes it’s my caring that has gotten me into a lot of problems, I think I care too much, something I must learn to dial down on it.
#1 I am curious!
If you’re a usual reader of my blog, you’ll know that I am curious about a lot of things, it’s in the fucking name, and I mean a lot! There are things you will read and be shocked about, sometimes I laugh while writing some shit…be like
“JC what da fuck! Who thinks of thiss shit!?”
I am curious, so in my curiosity to know, I ask a lot of stupid questions! I mean a lot!!! I think if I were to ask anyone I know that reads this to write me what I have asked them randomly, you’d be like wtf!

I think because some of the questions I asked do seem too direct and to honest…you tend to over think
E.g. How do you like to be kissed? What is your favourite thing about your body?

Some of questions do sound intimate. You’ll be thinking
“Is he hitting on me?”

I am not. I would have told you how I feel (rolls eyes)

I am curious about bodies, people, thoughts, anything that is interesting, I want to know it all! Sometimes I would even ask “How would you want me to impress you?” I am trying to figure the workings of the female mind.
#0 I have a big ego!
No, I am not talking about Beyonce’s ego. We all know what she meant, my penis is rather average sized. I do however have an ego, it’s not necessarily an ego, it usually my honestly but it comes out as ego.
I don’t think it can be bruised really, well because whatever you say, I would take it as you being brutally honest and I would appreciate that.

I have a friend who hated me with all her might! I never understood why? She actually told me once that she just hates me! That I think I am better at everything! Which I am not, gosh I wish, I suck at most things and it drives me nuts!!

She said a lot of things, an opinion and perspective I appreciated!
We are now best friends, not a month would pass without a phone call, Christmas or New Year without a long conversation. I do say some would be surprised who it is😀 I love her to bits

My point is this, if you think I am hitting on you, it’s better that you ask if I am, so you save yourself the confusion; that goes for if you like me too. Be direct and I’ll be honest with you too and tell you…eish!! No can do baby girl/boy… I have a couple of men hitting on me.

Guys, I am not GAY. I like vagina!! PUSSY!! So y’all better stop, y’all not gonna get this ass.

That’s it, those are the reasons. So wena othi I hit on you, what is it that I do?
So, What’s the weirdest thing I’ve asked you? Do tell, so we can both laugh.

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