No more secrets.

There was a time were your vote is your secret was the motto to follow. The time were only you knew who you’d vote for. As much as I like the idea of that…there was never such a time…there definitely isn’t one now.

I mean….in 1994 clearly everyone knew what/who those long as blacks line were gonna vote for…my darkies had one goal and one goal only to be freedom…on that day the blackest black people came out…even those who had been hiding from the bushes…if it were possible those in the grave would have risen too.

After that the motto still continued…your vote is your secret…but one listens…people wearing t-shirts affiliated with a certain party a clear indication who they’re voting for…

Then there came a time were it was dangerous to do such…you can’t wear that t-shirt …”what did you say bout ANC?! What did you say bout IFP?! What! what! what???And blood would be spilled…at that time people understood what secret meant…only the results would show that majority of who voted for who….

Fast forward to now…no more secrets again? T-shirts… Phone calls…advertisements etc. People are making it clear who they will be voting for. Another violent abruption is coming? There is a certainty it might happen that way…it gets to the point were you cant be given something cause you’re associated with a certain party….[secret]…that is why you need to close your chest…these people take this political thing serious… Frankly my belief is we need this secrecy to be implemented…so many things come into factor if we don’t have it…then again it is something to be debated…

Some secrets are just meant to be kept


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