“You’re not my type”

Having fallen for a different variety of women, most not even in the list of people I know personally, I had often wondered what is my type of women/person? I am yet to reach a conclusion of what is my type; I’d love to say I fall in the anormally of people who claim they don’t have a type, but with some certainty we can say everyone has a certain type or at least you know what is not your type.

I have for a long while since my teen years or even before that believed Asians or people of Asian descent were my type, there was just an existing attraction that I could not comprehend, however after coming to Asia and realizing I on the other hand may not be the ideal partner for an Asian, well because of cultural differences, if not ideologies; the question is, does this mean I have to change my idea of what my type may be?

Now, the first thing we need to address is what constitutes as a type? Many people of course have a variety of things they look for whether it be [Physical] [Emotional] [Psychological] [Imaginative/Creative] and [Financial]; Each box as you can imagine has it’s own complicated branch out. While others look for total opposites (opposite attract), others look for similarities; It only makes sense to ‘the individual’ in question.

That is however just the phenotype of it all, the genotype, the crux of it all is a little complex, FYI I learned those two words while I was in high school [Phenotype/Genotype], I can’t believe I found use for them, well, sorta, anyway it really is complex.

It is because you can really be attracted to someone but they can’t hold up a conversation or they hate everything you love, of course there is that word “compromise”, but how long can you really compromise on your values/beliefs, not watching anime with someone you love????! or they love computer games and you have no idea which button moves which part, it’s draining.

What is a type? Let’s look at what the dictionaries say


  1. qualities common to a number of individuals that distinguish them as an identifiable class
  2. something distinguishable as a variety
  3. a number of persons or things that are grouped together because they have something in common

Even the dictionaries are not being specific, but number three seems to resonate well with the content focused on here.

But, does it really matter that much if you’re religious and I am not? Apparently for some people it really does, no matter how over hills in love they maybe, it’s just an ice breaker; I need a wo/man who believes in the existence of the Lord or nothing, tough crowd, but we are born with choices, well, some, for others not necessarily; some cultures as we have grown to understand if you have your eyes open loath ideas of interracial dating, I am not sure if this is for another topic, for another time, it certainly has many layers.

Let’s wrestle with the idea of type for now, does ‘a financially stable man’ count as a “type” uhmmm not really, that’s a financial preference, whatever happened to rich or poor? Does a girl who can cook, count as a type? What year are you living in bro? some of the best chefs in the world are men, get out of here.

A person who is, who has, who can?

I recently went out on a date and realized while there why I may not be another person’s type, of course I was realizing this while I was seeing the other person across me, is not my type, but I want to focus on me, look inwards.

I realized that I enjoy certain surroundings while hating some, I have enjoyment for open spaces, artistic scenery, people in conversation, socio-political conversations, and in this quick thrill/quick fix world others may not be particular interested in that; people are living life’s were they want to live in the moment or forget shit (YOLO), drink, not everyone but fuck it is what it is!!!

I don’t know, I can’t figure shit out anymore, I certainly know I am a bad match for others, more people than I might have realized, I have strange traits that might not sit well with others, but others may find them attractive, that’s what this whole type thing can mean right, but I don’t know. One person said, you can convince a person you like to like you back by showing them traits that might appeal to them, uhmmm yeah sure but isn’t that being devious in a sense, I mean shouldn’t we be falling for people because they presented their real self to us? I know, I am sounding all fairytallie but what are we doing?

As I said though, I am struggling to find answers, you’d think around the age I am in you tend to have full grasp of these things, an understanding, but when the whole world opens up to you, you tend to have this realization that you really are insignificant, a blipp, but even as a blipp you should make the best out of it, well at least try to.

What is your thought? What is a type really? What is your type?

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