Chasing moments

“Process over product”

There should be no doubt that we now live in a quick fix world, going from event to event, activity to activity looking for a quick fix. I am making it sound like a drug deal because essentially that’s what it ends up being, a certain addiction, were people can’t find themselves easing down to enjoy one moment because they fear they might miss out on another.

Okay, maybe I began too deep, that I sound like I am complicating what I want to talk about in this writing.

Del: I tend to miss things a lot, you know, the importants moment, so I always try to live 5 minutes from now.

This is a random line from the film Comet, it’s not a famous film, but it’s worth a watch.

I’ll get to how this quote relates to this reading a little later. Our “new” world is tuned to the idea that you have to impress people within the next three lines you say or write otherwise they will move on to the next moment; people are really in a hurry to live in the next 5 minutes from that right now, its terrifying.

Well, in a way it is terrifying, to miss moments, but it’ should be more terrifying to miss right now isn’t it? For the idea of process fascinates me.

I know I’ve said that so many times especially when it comes to art creation, but I also apply the same concept to people; that process of slowly building something is quite fascinating, it doesn’t matter what form of relationship it is, process is better than products, in a way that it’s thrilling.

In process you get to discover, you get to understand, you get to undress a whole lot of information, so to know how something/someone functions.

I learnt from a very young age to not do too many things at once, not that it’s a bad thing, people should learn as much as they want to; however I learnt or rather was advised by an individual who was much older and wiser than me that, I should choose one thing, choose one thing to love, and let that thing drive you to other places.

It’s advice that I’ve applied variously in life without ever realizing it. Art, after I chose it took me to a whole lot of places; my social circle after I chose it, introduced to me to things I never would have discovered alone.

The point I am making is, if there is a point, this quick fix world is scary, it’s scary because it doesn’t give people an opportunity to discover each other anymore, it’s quick satisfaction and you wake up the next day looking for a new dose, and if you can’t find it, you feel empty.

There is something in the idea of fishing that shows process over product; Fishermen intrigue me; sitting there for hours on end patiently waiting for a bite. I know people who could never be fishermen, because they are always itching for 5 minutes from now, and while they are busy scratching that itch, they miss the right now moments.

So serene, fishing.

I tend to miss things a lot, I don’t want to. To wonder what could’ve happened; It’s not a way to live. I’m not saying we should live in the moment rather I am saying, let’s enjoy the moment, for longer than 5 minute.

What is your view? Has process over product in human interaction disappeared? Is this good or bad?

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